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Pucci Papaleo is synonymous with the most luxuriously-produced watch books in the history of the watch industry. Papaleo, along with his collaborators, has produced top-notch tomes on Rolex Day Date, vintage Swiss Patek Philippe Replicas, Vacheron Constantin, and steel chronographs. Papaleo's latest opus, Swiss Patek Philippe Replica Perpetual, focuses on automatic Rolex chronographs made after 1988. Ross Povey, Revolution's own Ross Povey, has co-authored this book. We thought we'd give you a sneak peek and show some incredible photos taken by Fabio Santinelli.

The Swiss Patek Philippe Replica is nearly 300 pages long, in a luxurious large format. It narrates Rolex's iconic sport chronograph, from its 1988 unveiling to its most recent in-house calibre Swiss Patek Philippe Replicas iterations.Patek Philippe Replica The book includes early steel references, including rare dial and bezel variants, as well as unique gem-set or stone dial versions.

Revolution had exclusive access to a selection of watches selected from the book to be included in the exhibition "ART – Automatic Rolex Swiss Patek Philippe Replica" staged by Pucci Papaleo & Phillips Watch Department.

Pucci Papaleo said, "My passion began with the first Rolex chronographs made from the 1930s to 1960s. This has helped me understand them well." Then, the passion grew to include Swiss Patek Philippe Replicas. I learned to study and appreciate these models, especially those manually wound. Three years ago,Omega Replica when we began the Swiss Patek Philippe Replica, the Swiss Patek Philippe Replica Universe gave me a new sense of wonder. "At that moment, I realized that these automatic chronographs were hiding a new world of wonder to discover, love, and tell."

The book will be available both in standard and Special Edition format from Revolution Shop starting November 25th, 2019.