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Code Of Ethics

BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE LEGAL PROFESSION CODE OF ETHICS The conduct of the legal profession is governed by the LEGAL PROFESSION CODE OF ETHICS, 1988AUTHORITY This Code of Ethics was made on

the 12th December, 1988 by the Disciplinary Committee under section 18 of the Legal Profession Act.PURPOSETo ensure that every attorney-at-law shall uphold at all time the standards set out in the Code. A breach of the rules set out in the Code may constitute professional misconduct.   RULES The Code provides a number of rules for legal professionals which are listed as follows: RULES: In Relation to the Profession and Himself- Part 11 of the Code- An attorney-at-law must maintain his integrity and the honour and dignity of the legal profession and of his own standing.   RULES: In Relation to the State and the Public- Part 111 of the Code- An attorney-at-law owes a duty to the state to protect its laws and its Constitution.   RULES: In Relation to Clients- Part 1V of the Code- An attorney-at-law shall act in the best interest of his client, to obtain every remedy while exercising his responsibilities within the bounds of the law.   RULES: In Relation to the Courts and the Administration of Justice-Part V of the Code- An attorney-at-law shall maintain a respectful attitude towards the court and shall encourage others in this respect.   RULES: In Relation to his Fellow Attorneys-at-Law-Part V1 of the Code- An attorney-at-law shall engage in courteous, honest and fair conduct to other fellow attorneys-at-law.   RULES: General –Part V11 of the Code- where in any matter explicit ethical guidance does not exists, an attorney-at- law must act in a manner that promotes public confidence in the legal system.   RULES: Mandatory Provisions and Specific Prohibitions- Part V111 of the Code- An attorney-at-law shall not practice unless he has been issued a practicing certificate in accordance with the Act.   Click here to access the full text of the Legal Profession Code of Ethics in PDF format. Users may need to download adobe acrobat reader to view the file from

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